Practice Areas for Citizens


We follow administrative and judicial acts involving issues of Private International Law for clients of any nationality

With extensive knowledge in the field of Private International Law, within the scope of migrations and the legal structuring of the lives of citizens on the move, we have experienced a wide range of cases, processes that include, but are not limited to, nationality law and work abroad , document search abroad, translation and certification of documents, recognition of foreign sentence and emigration process and Golden Visas.

Our structure in Portugal has the involvement and direct supervision of our head lawyer, who is a Portuguese-Brazilian, duly registered with the Portuguese Bar Association and the Brazilian Bar Association, in order to be able to circumvent nuances and mitigate risks, that emanate from the difference of jurisdictions and the conflict of the application of laws, thus being the reason why the whole process of citizenship, visa or investment is entirely carried out in Portugal.

We follow administrative and judicial acts involving issues of Private International Law for clients of any nationality, but due to market demand, we have relevant experience accumulated in Brazil-Portugal Emigration Law.

With globalization, the shortening of geographical distances makes migratory movements increasingly appealing. In this context, in a logic of making transnational citizenship viable, we create bridges between different jurisdictions and develop a complete migration plan, looking for robust citizenship and work solutions for our clients, their families and future generations.

If, on one hand, the objective of living in Europe is attainable geographically, on the other, not having a legally regularized situation before the competent authorities, it can destroy life plans or curtail opportunities for professional and academic growth, resulting in costs and years’ delays, in some cases, irremediable.

With an emphasis on Portuguese-Brazilian relations, and according to the characteristics of each client, we trace and directly follow through the emigration process to Portugal.

We help to implement your life-changing plan through access to Portuguese or Brazilian Citizenship, Investor Visa (Golden Visa), Residence Visa for Retirees or Income Holders, Work Visa, Study Visa or Scientific Research Visa.

With a solid Emigration plan it is possible to enjoy the quality of life in Europe in a safe and comfortable way, guaranteeing access to renowned schools and colleges; job opportunities and professional growth; medical and hospital assistance; financing and credit; free movement in the European zone; effective driving permit; visa exemption for several countries; and possibly expandable citizenship for your family and generations to come.
Potentially, structuring a transition between jurisdictions may involve incidental and prior acts to the citizenship process in Portugal that we include in our value proposition:

  • Marriage Transcription;
  • Homologation of Stable Union;
  • Divorce Homologation;
  • Homologation of Paternity Recognition;
  • Adoption Approval;
  • Correction of errors in certificates and other documents;
  • Conducting administrative and judicial rectifications;
  • Intervention with Portuguese or Brazilian entities.


Frequently Asked Questions – in Simplified Language on Viability and Obtaining Portuguese Citizenship
If Private International Law were to fit into tutorials on the internet it would not be one of the most complex fields of law. Anyway, to simplify the legal language, we leave here possible paths for some of the main issues arising from it:

1- Are you the son or grandson of a Portuguese citizen?

Contact us for a consultation on your real possibilities for making a safe transition between jurisdictions. In case there is viability and the client decides to proceed with the process, we currently have the tools and legal legitimacy to trigger an efficient document search diligence, provided directly in Portugal, to locate the records of your ancestors and to structure an ex ante dossier to the nationality process. In sequence, we proceed with the analysis of the viability of your citizenship process, ensuring the adequacy of all documentation, to the short- and long-term objectives of our customers and their families.

2- Are you looking for a valid residence permit?

Do not come to Portugal without the necessary visa, since here the process can become more expensive and time consuming. Get ready. Apply for the correct visa and obtain your Residence Permit safely.

3- You don’t have a Portuguese ancestor and want to live in Portugal?

We deal with visa processes in Brazil, through documentary consulting, scheduling interviews and prior planning. In Portugal, we carry out the analysis of the documentation and accompany the customer to SEF, through the necessary trips to the services and providing advice to the whole family.

4- Does your spouse or partner want to naturalize?

We provide consultancy so that the decision-making process is done consciously, regarding the binomial gain versus loss of rights, since Portuguese citizenship can be granted both to married people and to partners in a situation of effective stable union. However, this process, unlike the case of children and grandchildren (jus sanguinis) takes place via naturalization.

5- Do you live legally in Portugal?

If you do not yet have the Equal Rights and Duties and Political Rights Statute, we will take care of the procedure for you to obtain Equal Rights and Duties and Political Rights, as well as a citizen card.
If you have been legally resident in Portugal for more than 6 years and want to opt for Portuguese naturalization, we advise you in the decision-making process, informing you of your rights and duties and dealing with the entire procedure for that purpose.

6- Have you lost Portuguese nationality under the previous legislation?

Portuguese nationality can be regained in the following cases:

The woman who lost Portuguese nationality because she acquired a foreign nationality, based on marriage with a foreigner, under the terms of Law No. 2098, of July 29, 1959, and previous legislation, can regain Portuguese nationality by means of a declaration – article 30 of Nationality Law and Article 65 of the Nationality Regulation.

Whoever, having had Portuguese nationality, lost it due to having voluntarily acquired a foreign nationality, under the terms of Law No. 2098, of July 29, 1959, and previous legislation, acquires Portuguese nationality by means of a declaration, when the registration has been drawn up definitive loss of nationality – paragraph 1 al. b) Article 31 of the Nationality Law and Article 67 of the Nationality Regulation.


We provide a complete and comprehensive service in real estate transaction and management

Do you want to invest or want to buy a property in Portugal?

We provide complete real estate consultancy so that you make sound investments and can get the maximum tax and economic benefit from your assets.

We will be with you throughout the process. In a first phase, assessment of the legitimacy to carry out acts, study of financing possibilities, execution of the purchase and sale contract, registration with the competent entities, settlement of taxes due, among numerous other factors. In a second step, we can support you in the legal and tax management of your properties, carrying out resale, leasing, hybrid contracts or simply maintaining a value reserve abroad, as well as the necessary good compliance with tax obligations and mitigation of real estate risks.

In accordance with the specific needs of each client, we provide a complete and comprehensive service in the transaction and real estate management.

Services include:

  • Advising private investors on real estate investment transactions;
  • Structuring and approval of real estate financing;
  • Negotiation and execution of purchase and sale and lease contracts;
  • Due diligence.


In addition, with the competence attributed by article 38 of Decree-Law 76-A / 2006, of March 29, we carry out all the necessary certifications and authentications to formalize all the mandatory acts, filling the necessary register forms in Portugal.


We focus on preventive consultancy, but we also conduct tax litigation and arbitration.

We provide complete tax consultancy so that you can get the best out of your investments and work, fulfilling all the eligible tax obligations, therefore our practice includes:

  • Tax Optimization;
  • Financial Planning;
  • Tax Obligations;
  • Personal Tax Declaration;
  • Transnational Taxation.


We advise the client from the initial plan, through his registration and representation before the Tax Authority, Social Security and other eligible entities in Portugal.

After being regularly enrolled as tax payer in the Portuguese Financial Bureau, we provide complete consultancy on the decisions that best fit your profile, so that you can choose your status as Resident, Non-Resident or Non-Habitual Resident, thoroughly analyzing the Conventions designed to avoid Double International Taxation and the internal tax system in order to minimize the tax impact between jurisdictions.

In a second phase, we can contribute to the correct maintenance and holistic analysis for structuring family assets, to guarantee a solid structure, complying with tax obligations.

In a logic of continuity, we give priority to preventive consultancy to avoid financial problems for our customers. But, in case of need, we act in terms of tax litigation and tax arbitration.