Practice Areas for Companies


We provide strategic advice to companies and citizens in the scope of hiring and firing

We hold cumulative experience and deliver results on labor issues, such as drafting Labor Contracts, discontinuing employees, mitigating the risk of litigation, subcontracting, and providing preventive services, as well as resolving labor disputes at a bar level.

We provide strategic advice both to companies and citizens in the context of hiring and firing, as well as defending our clients in litigation before the court of law.

In accordance with the characteristics of each company and the legal and regulatory framework of the industry in which it operates, we draft a human resources legal plan that suits the specific needs of the commercial society and maximizes the utility and competitiveness of the labor factor.

In this regard, we create tailor-made labor contracts according to the needs, size and risks of each business, respecting the labor rules and laws in Portugal, without losing focus on the need to make the job viable, either through tax benefits or better adaptation to labor reality of each economic sector.

Thus, we advise our clients on the contracting regime, enthusiastically receiving situations of a higher level of complexity, in which labor law needs support in constitutional and civil grounds.

We also provide consultancy in relation to cost-risk-benefit situations regarding the organization of employees’ working time, namely through plans for fixed working hours exemption, hour bank system, remuneration for overtime, layoff, extinction of workstation, among others.

During the term of the contracts, we contribute to the fulfillment of the legal obligations inherent to them, the correct management, maintenance and renewal system, advising our clients on salary structures and remuneration supplements, contracting Accidents at Work Insurance, drawing up a Vacation Staff Map Matrix and employee training plans, contributing to the creation of a solid human resources management process, dynamic in terms of results and conservative in terms of legal risk.

We also accompany customers in layoff regime, collective extinction of jobs, collective bargaining of contracts, with holistic advisory at the labor level subject to the fiscal and economic budget constraints, and, in cases of unavoidable need, before processes with ACT.

In the always delicate process of divesting the employment relationship, we provide legal support by delivering solutions that are financially efficient while defending the company’s reputation, looking for legally supported strategies for individual or collective dismissals grounded in economic, structural or technological reasons.


In the contemporary reality in which commercial and civil relations are constantly changing, legal certainty is essential to safeguard decisions

In a logic of proximity and adherence to the needs of the client, in a pre-contractual phase, we provide legal and strategic consultancy to companies and citizens regarding the draft, execution and termination of contracts in general, in order to protect their rights correctly and as effective as possible.

In the contemporary reality in which commercial and civil relations are constantly changing, legal certainty is essential to safeguard decisions and minimize losses.

In transactional relations, in this scenario and in the context of preventive litigation, we give priority to issues of Private International Law, in order to avoid subsequent conflicts of legislation.

We also operate in the areas of real estate, civil and commercial registration, with the local official bureaus, to guarantee the correct registration of all legal acts, assuring their effectiveness.

In a second phase, in case of conflicts resulting from legal relations, we carry out pre-litigation advice, analyzing the risk of legal proceedings and jurisprudence in the various civil matters, as well as the possibility of opting for alternative dispute resolution procedures, such as mediation and / or conciliation.

In the sphere of judicial litigation, when mandated for this purpose, we carry out various procedures in judicial litigations, always seeking the correct application of justice, whether through declaratory, executive, precautionary measures or appeals at different levels of Portuguese jurisdiction.


We provide support in legal procedures in the wide range of commercial acts, licenses, and registries necessary to conduct a profitable business

Based on the premise that entrepreneurship is a way of life with unique characteristics and risks, we advise our clients on the legal aspects that impact a business plan as well as its implementation in the context of the markets and institutions in Portugal.

In this context, we provide consultancy on the type of company to be created and definition of the corporate purpose, as well as the creation of social pacts and subsequent registrations. We provide support in legal proceedings in the wide range of commercial acts, licenses and registries necessary to conduct a profitable business.

In the legal relationships that arise from the service we provide, we can act in the administrative sphere representing our clients in various bodies, among which we mention, in a non-exhaustive way, City Councils, Tax Authority, Commercial Registry Offices, INPI, IVV, SPA, PassMúsica, ACT , ANPC, among others.

In the sphere of relations with its stakeholders, whether suppliers, customers, consumers or third parties, we act in a preventive manner, advising in the entire process of contracting, transmitting goods or services and resulting obligations.

In the context of litigation, in case of need, we act in alternative dispute resolution, arbitration or litigation before the Portuguese Courts, in pursuit of correct application of justice to the specific case.


The correct application of Intellectual Property Law allows individuals and companies to protect the intangible heritage of their materialized know-how

No âmbito administrativo, temos experiência no Instituto de Marcas e Patentes da União Europeia, bem como centros locais ou regionais, como INPI Portugal, Brasil, Reino Unido, Irlanda, Argentina, entre outros órgãos nacionais ou regionais.

Temos experiência real em regular capital intelectual tecnológico a nível nacional ou transnacional, por exemplo de uma software house, de um criador de hardware ou de empresa de protótipos, produzindo acordos de licenciamento, royalties ou transferência de tecnologia, entre outros modelos de cedência de direitos, defendendo a robustez do modelo de negócio dos nossos clientes.

In a scenario of constant technological change, the trademark, the idea, the know-how, the brand, the patent, the information and the knowledge in general, gain special relevance to differentiate people and companies in a context of global competition.

The correct application of Intellectual Property Law allows individuals and companies to protect the intangible heritage of their materialized know-how, to achieve profitability and protect the value of their creation.

We work to ensure the correct acquisition and maintenance of legal protection, at national, community and international levels, of intellectual property rights, with respect to trademarks and patents, models and designs, trade secrets, as well as copyrights, at an administrative or judicial level in case of violation.

In the administrative sphere, we have dealt at numerous occasions with the European Union Patent and Trademark Institute, as well as local or regional centers, such as INPI Portugal, Brazil, United Kingdom, Ireland, Argentina, among other national or regional bodies.

IT Intellectual Capital at-a-glance

We hold skills and industry know-how in regulating technological intellectual capital at national or transnational level, for example, belonging to a software house, a hardware creator or a prototypes developer firm, producing licensing agreements, royalties or technology transfer cycles, among other models of assigning rights, thus defending the robustness of our clients’ business model.


The legal and regulatory matrix occupies a prominent place, to enable commercial relations, transactions and real estate disputes

The real estate industry, whether in terms of residential, commercial, industrial, or logistical assets, has been restructured in a complex and usually transnational way.

In an arena of investors, construction companies, tenants, and financial institutions with different requirements for space, capital and different technical skills, the legal and regulatory matrix occupies a prominent place, to enable commercial relations, transactions, and real estate disputes.

We provide real estate legal advice so that entities can structure their investments and optimize its tax and economic benefits.

Our work includes preparing the investment on the legal side, providing support on the creation of the investment vehicle, consulting on debt structuring, drawing up contracts with the players involved in the process or registering the properties with the competent public entities.

We can add value in the legal optimization of property portfolio ongoing management, carrying out various acts, which are necessary in the operation, such as legal and tax organization of the properties, lease and insurance contracts, or compliance with tax obligations and mitigation of market risks.

In accordance with the specific needs of each client, we provide a complete and comprehensive service in the transaction and real estate management.

Our range of services include:

  • Real estate investment operations;
  • Structuring of real estate debt;
    Negotiation with Public Entities and Investment Funds;
  • Due diligence in the acquisition and sale workflow;
  • Property registration with the competent bodies;
  • Litigation in cases of real estate disputes.


It is important not only to measure how much is due in taxes, but whether it is really due, in what terms, where, when and under what terms

The tax burden and bureaucracy of an economy can be a nation’s main obstacle to development, and to the companies that operate in it. Seeking the competitive advantage of each economic space at a tax level is not only legitimate, but also paramount to the longevity of companies in a scenario of fierce competition.

We are confident to guide a company to ease the difficult path of complying with tax and regulatory burdens, as well as finding new solutions that will allow companies to survive.

Whenever necessary and always preferring a preventive legal approach, we can support negotiations with public entities, as well as resort to tax litigation. It is important not only to measure how much is due in taxes, but whether it is really due, in what terms, where, when and on what terms.

Tax disputes and negotiations are usually one of the necessary ways to avoid bankruptcy. The new fiscal planning almost always allows companies to move to the next stage of development.

We provide complete tax consultancy so that the taxation area is optimized within the financial area of the company or institution, in order to obtain a decent return on investment and risk that the entrepreneur has incorporated into his business model, taking into account tax variables as different as IRC, VAT, IMI, IMT, TSU, FCT, Stamp Duty, other Property Taxes and Special Consumption Taxes.

We thus contribute to the proper fulfillment of the eligible tax obligations, which includes:

  • Tax Optimization;
  • Financial Planning;
  • Tax Obligations;
  • Income Tax Declaration;
  • Transnational Taxation;

In short, we can accompany clients in supporting decisions that best fit the investment and activity profile, so that they can rationally understand what involvement they want to have with the Portuguese economy, the type of company to create and the accounting model to be adopted.